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Amber Crackle Glass Pear, Blenko

Also included are marks seen on other types of glassware including tableware and industrial glass items such as railroad lantern lenses. Entries on some of the more commonly encountered brand and company names for instance, Bromo-Seltzer seen embossed on bottles are also included, as I frequently get questions about them. This is a typical example, as seen on the bottom of an emerald green apothecary jar from the s or s. Bucher Emhart punt mark database this is a pdf file. I would encourage any milk bottle collectors to try searching their list of marks here: Another site with an extensive list of marks is here: Most, if not all, of the marks illustrated there are frequently seen on other types of glassware as well, which makes the page quite helpful to a broader spectrum of collecting fields.

Blenko Glass Company for Sale at Online Auction

This can take several days to complete. Do not contact us before Wednesday! Auction attendees are expected to make full payment the day of the sale. Internet bidder have 14 days to remit payment after an invoice is received. All bids are handled competitively, and all lots are sold at one bid increment over the next highest bid provided they reach a reasonable bid level.

It is the auctioneer"s discretion as to whether or not a reasonable bid level has been obtained.

Some of Blenko’s specialty lines, however, were marked with special stickers. This is the case with their Raindrop, Regal, and Rialto lines. Further complicating matters, Blenko still marks some of their glass with the traditional silver foil hand-shaped sticker.

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VINTAGE BLENKO HAND Blown Glass Ribbon Bowl

Gardner Cassatt, Horace Magee, and B. At times there would be as many as 7 different glass plants operating in this city many started by this original list of illustrious names in the glass industry. Original production at Jeannette included wide mouth jars, pressed glass headlamp lenses, and bottles. These items were manufactured using a semi-automatic glass blowing machine which had been invented in The company name was soon changed to the Jeannette Glass Company and the product line expanded.

Architects had begun using a new product in the design of storefront transom windows called prism glass.

This is the paper label used for a short time during WWII. Then they went back to the Foil label. Silver Hand Sticker - Used from the s to Left over stickers were used until they were gone. Hand signed Blenko - Used in early All of these were personally done by William Blenko, Jr.

Authenticity of Glass As a follow up to my previous article on glass at http: Victorian glassmakers made imitations of 18th-century glass and many fakes have also been produced in the 20th century. These are often discernible in three key ways: The distinctive tint caused by impurities may not be present in reproductions. Hand-blown glass usually has a pontil mark - a rough bump under the stem - where it was cut from the pontil rod. It may have striations or ripples in the glass and the rim may be of uneven thickness.

Later, machine-made glass doesn"t have these imperfections.

Full text of"ERIC ED U.S.A. Plant Visits,"

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Nov 30,  · BLENKO GLASS - Located in Milton, West Virginia, the Blenko Glass Company has maintained the tradition of handmade glass for over years. //Awesome bottles & bowls, love the colors EL// Find this Pin and more on **Splendor in the Glass** by Danna ツ.

A Hummel figurine can be dated by the marking or trademark on the underside of its base. This mark is also referred to as the backstamp, stamp, or figure. This is very important as Hummel values are determined by age as well as scarcity. An older version of a figurine can command a much higher price than one which was made at a later date.

It"s also important for authenticating a figurine as one lacking one of the following marks is quite likely to be a forgery. The following markings are the standard backstamps you are most likely to see on the vast majority of Hummel figurines. However be aware that according to the M. Hummel company, sometimes rare and undocumented variations have been known to surface. From the first figurine in until the following 3 trademarks were used.

After the end of World War II the United States permitted Goebel to export figurines which had previously been prohibited for exportation. These figurines were marked in various related ways: These stamps indicated that the figurines were produced in the occupied zone of Germany.

ABJ Seattle Glass Online: May

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Blenko Glass Collectors - The Blenko Four All photos on this site are the property of their respective owners. Not for commercial use including, but not limited to: Internet auctions or web sites.

I love to collect things. But my passion for collecting seems to be getting out of hand. How can I control this? And how can I judge whether certain items are worth collecting? With the advent of eBay and the Antiques Roadshow, everyone has the idea that everything is worth something. And if something is old, it must certainly be worth a lot.

Asking avid collectors why they do what they do is like asking,"Why do you breathe?

blenko glass

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Blenko Glass Company was started in in West Virginia, as the Eureka Art Glass Company. By the mids, Blenko was one of the most prominent producers of artistic glassware in the country. Blenko glass stemware and tableware are all hand-blown, and are .

Here we will see current glass artists defending their art against the accusations and separating themselves from these stereotypes and, hopefully, find out how and where the now-common opinion was born. Fundamentally, the general thesis seems to be born of the question, What Is Art? This question I will leave to others to answer, here I am only documenting the written history of a popular way of thinking and a popular taste. All the electrochemical pastels of the Florida littoral.

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Viking Art Glass

Blenko Glass Company Blenko Glass Company is universally recognized as one of the 20th century masters of blown glass. Originally headquartered in West Virginia, Blenko Glass Company developed a reputation as one of North America"s leading glass designers. London native William J. Blenko arrived in the United States in He opened his first company in Kokomo, Indiana, specializing in sheet glass, but this venture proved disastrous.

Hand Blown Glass - Magnificent color, skilled craftsmanship and creative design make Blenko Glass Company the most colorful name in glass.

Sold as a lot. Love birds finial, in the original presentation box. Set with a green stone with abraded edges and two seed pearls, 18k assayed band with etched shoulders, monogrammed interior""Katie"". Polychrome design on yellow and turquoise ground, with custom wooden stands, approx. All covered pieces are polychrome floral design on blue ground and come with wooden stands. The plate is green ground with polychrome vines, pink flowers and blue leaves. Lovely soft pink coral carved into the shape of a Taoist immortal with flower and a Buddha with children.

Lovely luminous purple sheen, set to include, 18"" necklace, All in original boxes. Condition - Several minor abrasions, needs cleaning. Large selection of necklaces, earrings, rings and one bracelet.

Blenko Glass Prices

Iridescent blue luster, flared rim, elongated neck, bulbous body, signed on base Durand Original Vineland Music Center sticker. Varying signs of use. Handmade platinum necklace featuring a GIA certified natural yellow diamond, approx. These diamonds average VS in clarity and G- H in color. Prong and bezel set.

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Every now and again we notice some really interesting glass not selling for much. We keep thinking that if we were going to start a new collection, there are some wonderful vintage glass items that can still be had inexpensively. Click on any photo in this article to see a full size photo. Many glass historians believe the pattern already existed as Festoon and was renamed to honor Garfield. Many sell for much less. The Garfield Drape pattern seen here consists of a deep wide swag accompanied by floral details.

As an aside, there was also a glass pattern made to honor Lincoln after he was assassinated, but Lincoln Drape is currently very collectible and, as a result, pricey. The pattern has many followers for its great cobalt blue color and, to a lesser degree, the amethyst color is also collected. The pattern also came in fired-on colors, called Platonite by Hazel Atlas. The Platonite colors can be found in light pastels, like baby blue, mint green and pink. It can also be found in rich hues, like bright orange, deep blue and bright yellow.

These bright colors seem to sell for the lowest price of all the Moderntone colors. Orange Moderntone is very plentiful. It looks great alone or when paired with the other rich hues in the Moderntone pattern.

Midwest Sales Court:

It should be deservedly one of the most ornamental pieces of furniture. The Company realized its status and the importance of its responsible duties being properly performed. They have spared no pains, nor study, nor expense to bring it to that degree of perfection which its importance demands. That their efforts have been properly appreciated is evidenced by the rapid growth of their business, which has grown to more than ten times its original proportions.

Having adopted the name, Arlington, all their stoves are classified under that title.

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Excellent with fine patina. Good working order, 1 shutter slightly bent at corner Item 2 Superb Example! Litho-tin battery operated Made by Modern Toys. Toy has been tested at time of auction, in good working order. Words on banner faded in places otherwise Excellent Item 4 Wonderfully engraved French Sterling silver snuff box with gold wash interior.

Impressed hallmarks to side of lid indicate this piece was made around Ladies used these to lift their skirts when cycling or riding horses side saddle. No defects noted Item 8 28 in total. Only 1 duplicate in this lot mostly high grade examples No.

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